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{March 10, 2010}   Fighting Fish Trailer

Sorry I haven’t been posting! Been super busy. Hope everyone caught the trailer for Fighting Fish!

Fighting Fish Teaser Trailer from Fighting Fish on Vimeo.

Visit the official site for more info and photos.

I’ll try to post more later, if not today than tomorrow.

{November 28, 2009}   New Val Emmich Interview

My good friend, Zura, had the pleasure of interviewing Val recently. They talk about his writing(both songs and fiction), his upcoming controversial film and favorite authors. Here’s an excerpt:

Many may recall him from his various TV appearances in hit shows such as Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Cashmere Mafia, and Hope and Faith. But each of those shows gave him the limited role of “love interest” of the protagonist, not giving him the opportunity to fully demonstrate his acting range. Fighting Fish, an indie film directed by Annette Apitz that centres around Emmich’s character and that of Anna Moore’s who plays his sister in the film, and their very strange and at times creepily claustrophobic relationship. The challenging new role will be a step up from his usual acting gigs, that will allow the public to take notice of his acting than to merely gaze at his cute rocker intellectual looks, something that his limited roles in the past rendered to.


{November 23, 2009}   Val Emmich’s Fighting Fish

New screen captures from the film, Fighting Fish with Val Emmich and Anna Moore @ ValEmmichFans. Remember who brought it to you first! Also. Who keeps searching for this film(“val emmich movie fighting fish”) and ends up here in my blog?? Come out and reveal yourself! LOL

Anyway, Val has some plans for me in the future. Very exciting stuff but it’ll be awhile from now.

I’m also waiting to hear back from Jakob Dylan’s management.

I can’t really say much on both matters.


{September 11, 2009}   Fighting Fish discovery

The other night I came across a shocking discovery in the plot of Val Emmich’s movie, Fighting Fish. As much as I’d love to share with all two of you (LOL), I’ll keep it to myself since it’s the root of the main story. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone. I must say this, it is startling. There is definitely an interesting twist to it. I did not expect this from the script. Let alone a role that Val Emmich would play. It is far from the eye-candy roles that we are used to seeing him in. With this being said, it makes me want to watch the film that much more. Much kudos to Val for taking on a different and challenging role. Now, I understand why Val mentions that he considers himself an actor after taking on this film. It’s only a matter of time of WHEN do we get to see this awesome film and great talent. If you want to read the synopsis and see production stills visit valemmichfans.


fighting fish 2

Doug Emmett is the director in photography of Fighting Fish. He has a video portfolio of his works. There are 3 clips from Fighting Fish. 3 of 2 has Val in it (middle scene and 3/4 of the way). Watch it at **please note that this is not a trailer.

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