Another Recreational Violence

{June 23, 2011}  

To the person(s) commenting about Awake Asleep, I’m guessing you also sent me a message on tumblr. If so, if you want to share anything(pics, music etc), then contact me with anything you want to share and I will gladly post in Thanks.


{October 31, 2009}   Val Emmich Fans Update

First off, who keeps searching for “Fighting Fish Movie” and whatever that has to do with Val’s movie? LOL You keep getting sent back here. There’s a lot more info about Fighting Fish directed by Annette Apitz(and not that Japanese movie was was released in 2004) at

Val Emmich studio

Hope you all saw VE’s tweet that he shaved off his hair lol. Check out the photo above that was taken I think two years ago by Jason Cupp. He’s quite a photographer, I think.

You can listen to a rare track by Awake Asleep(VE’s band back in college). The title is, Lost and Found. I love the music to this song. I can’t quite pinpoint what band this song reminds me of. Maybe Smashing Pumpkins with a bit Bush. Yes, I’m going old school. The lyrics is good too.

I’ve also added a new page, “Author” which is just a bunch of notes Val wrote about his novel and writing one. It also includes a sketch he did for the bookcover. It’s very cute.

All this at

{October 17, 2009}   Awake Asleep


Awake Asleep are: Val Matt Emmich – vocals, guitar; Harris Katz – guitar; Andy Gesner – bass, backup vocals; Chris Shingola – drums. Photo is from the back of their album, Going Through the Notions.

Can I Watch You Pee? in my opinion is the highlight of the album. The lyrics is entertaining, amusing and smart. The song has a Weezer with a twist of FooFighters to it. Track three, Bite Your Lips is pretty catchy too. I’ll be streaming some songs in Val Emmich

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