Another Recreational Violence

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{April 30, 2010}   A lot of Alicia Rountree

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{April 29, 2010}   Val Emmich – Mercury Lounge

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{April 29, 2010}   More Alicia Rountree

{April 28, 2010}   Alicia Rountree photo

{April 27, 2010}   More Alicia Rountree

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{April 26, 2010}   Alicia Rountree

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{April 25, 2010}   Alicia Rountree

You might recognize her from the new Heineken commercial as the Boss’s daughter. She’s a model signed under Elite modeling agency – known for Victoria’s Secret. Yup, she’s that too. More photos to come. And if you came here to find info on the guy who shestrips with her eyes, his name is Val Emmich. An independent musician. Please support him and help get his album release by clicking here.

{April 23, 2010}   Ryan Phillippe at SXSW 2010

Watch backstage footage here.

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