Another Recreational Violence

{July 16, 2010}  

Read the full featured article of Jakob Dylan on Acoustic Guitar August 2010 issue. Go here.


{April 19, 2010}   New song – Spread the word

And now a few words from Val Emmich about the new record:
“Hey guys. I really appreciate all the kind things everyone is saying about the new songs. Here’s the reality though. In order for this record to see the light of day, I need to spread the word about these new songs. You can really help out by embedding these videos of the new songs on your own pages or just telling your friends via wall post or word of mouth. EST only has 100 plays on Youtube today and Sidekick hasn’t broken 1000 in a week. That’s just sad, I can’t even explain the frown on my face. Let’s get those numbers up. 5,000 at the least. I can’t convince someone to release this record if I can’t show a demand. Forgive the forwardness but If the record is going to come out, that’s what we are looking at. Love you all!!” –VE

Download “Smile When You Call Me That” performed live at SXSW for WXPN radio on March 19th @

{March 21, 2010}   Jakob Dylan @ SXSW 3.20.10

{March 20, 2010}   Jakob Dylan

From Seeing Things photoshoot

Yup, this is me from I got sick of all the negativity from running that fan site. I’m done with it. I held back a lot of photos :X

{November 23, 2009}   Val Emmich’s Fighting Fish

New screen captures from the film, Fighting Fish with Val Emmich and Anna Moore @ ValEmmichFans. Remember who brought it to you first! Also. Who keeps searching for this film(“val emmich movie fighting fish”) and ends up here in my blog?? Come out and reveal yourself! LOL

Anyway, Val has some plans for me in the future. Very exciting stuff but it’ll be awhile from now.

I’m also waiting to hear back from Jakob Dylan’s management.

I can’t really say much on both matters.


I forgot I have a set of photos from the T-Bone Burnett tour. Jakob Dylan opened for him back in 2006. I was I think 7 months pregnant with my second child at the time when I attended the show. I was huge and uncomfortable in the seat, but I enjoyed the show nonetheless.

If you haven’t visited recently, you should. The site’s been freshened up and now you can follow updates on Twitter.

{November 6, 2009}   The Wallflowers Live Collected


Get your copy here. For every Wallflower fan. This was made by a fan. It’s unofficial but great nonetheless. I already have all the songs from years ago lol. I’m that hardcore.

{October 5, 2009}   Jakob Dylan


Oh Jakob Dylan, you still have my heart. Just added 30 photos from Aspen, Co show 07.29.09 @

et cetera