Another Recreational Violence

{October 18, 2009}   Val’s live recorded performance

latest vid Stan is the MAN. Just added this old interview clip with VE + The Rescue Effort, pre-SDK 2. It’s up @

Now about the webathon earlier. I was so disappointed with the way and sounded with Val’s live performance. What were they doing while recording the show? Fiddling with the mixer? I have better live bootlegs than that done by amateurs lol. That was so poorly presented. And it wasn’t even 30 minutes! It was cut short to 20 minutes! WTF. To all VE fans who hasn’t seen or heard him live yet, please don’t go by that recorded performance. Val sounds so much better live. I recorded it and I might just put up Darling Denise or The Lucky Ones since they came out the best. Still a little choppy though.

Anyway, I think Val has another show on the 23rd at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.


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