Another Recreational Violence

{July 16, 2010}  

Read the full featured article of Jakob Dylan on Acoustic Guitar August 2010 issue. Go here.

{November 23, 2009}   Val Emmich’s Fighting Fish

New screen captures from the film, Fighting Fish with Val Emmich and Anna Moore @ ValEmmichFans. Remember who brought it to you first! Also. Who keeps searching for this film(“val emmich movie fighting fish”) and ends up here in my blog?? Come out and reveal yourself! LOL

Anyway, Val has some plans for me in the future. Very exciting stuff but it’ll be awhile from now.

I’m also waiting to hear back from Jakob Dylan’s management.

I can’t really say much on both matters.


{November 6, 2009}   The Wallflowers Live Collected


Get your copy here. For every Wallflower fan. This was made by a fan. It’s unofficial but great nonetheless. I already have all the songs from years ago lol. I’m that hardcore.

{October 5, 2009}   Jakob Dylan


Oh Jakob Dylan, you still have my heart. Just added 30 photos from Aspen, Co show 07.29.09 @

{August 17, 2009}   The Wallflowers

42-22938656Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers perform in Aspen, CO on July 21, 2009. Posting soon in

et cetera