Another Recreational Violence

“NY has the most comedy per capita nationwide. I may have just made up that statistic.” – Chris Hardwick

You know him. You may recognize him from MTV back in the 90’s with Jenny McCarthy in Singled Out. If not, you may rseen him from Web Soup or Attack of the Show. Or if you’re a night owl, and tune into Chelsea Lately, you may have caught him on the round table. Come see Chris Hardwick in New York City at Caroline’s on Broadway from August 12 through the 15th. Ticket information here. And listen to some Nerdist podcasts. He has some seriously whacky guests and listen to them nerd out.


{November 14, 2009}   Nerdist Wallpaper: Galaga!


Okay so I’m posting this late. Just a little over a week ago, I submitted a business card design to comedian and host of Web Soup, Chris Hardwick. He absolutely loved it. “HOLY CRAP this is AWESOME!!!!” were his exact words, caps included. He asked me to make more in wallpaper sizes with pay, of course. So I had a little project to do. After a few email exchanges, it was finally done. He praised me in his blog and mentions my son, Jacob(which I requested) and gave a quick link to my ValEmmich site. Very exciting. I had so much traffic for a few days. You can check out and download the wallpaper here. And follow him on twitter @nerdist.

{November 2, 2009}   Chris Hardwick


I have this small crush on Chris Hardwick. He’s on Web Soup on G4 channel. I love it when he’s on Chelsea Lately too. I think my crushing him has something to do with his humor. I love a guy who can make me laugh. And laugh hysterically.

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